If you’re using Omnisphere as the only virtual instrument in your live rig, the Omnisphere standalone app is ideal. It’s extremely stable, uses less CPU than most hosts (since there are no extra features to tax your computer), and you can magnify the GUI and open it in Fullscreen mode for easy viewing.

The Standalone also has performance-friendly features that can be valuable in live situations, like Tap Tempo and Flow Capture. Using Tap Tempo, you can quickly set Omnisphere’s tempo (which is important when using BPM-based patches) by MIDI-learning the TAP button to an external MIDI controller, such as a pedal. Flow Capture is an excellent way to record your performance—audio, MIDI (including tempo changes), and the sounds you used.

If your set requires other virtual instruments, effect plug-ins, complex MIDI or audio routings, or pre-recorded tracks in conjunction with Omnisphere, you’ll need to use a host such as Ableton Live, MainStage, Gig Performer, or Camelot. These applications have plenty of features to create sophisticated performance environments.

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