Bringing Omnisphere to the gig lets you bring your favorite studio sounds into the live performance arena.

With today’s fast laptops and by using either our standalone application or instantiating Omnisphere as a plug-in inside your DAW of choice, you’ll have a stable environment where multiple sounds are available simultaneously. Using LIVE MODE or STACK MODE you can switch sounds immediately, or split, layer, and crossfade up to 8 sounds across the keyboard.

You’ll be able to use extensive MIDI Learn capabilities, Browser sound selection, and even wireless remote control with our iPad app, Omni TR. Of course, you can also control Omnisphere from your hardware synth, using our Hardware Synth Integration which now supports over 80 popular hardware synthesizers.

Be sure to check out the detailed explanations of these capabilities, along with our tips on setting up your live rig with Omnisphere.

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