ANALOG PHASER features models of the incredible Oberheim Phasor™, the classic MXR Phase 90™, and a boutique, custom-designed chorus/phase shifter.

    Controls the mix of the dry signal and the processed (wet) signal. The percentage indicates the amount of the signal that is wet.
    Range: 0 ~ 100%
  • RATE
    This control sets the cycle speed of the LFO. Minimum settings will produce a sweeping effect, higher settings will create a more warbling effect.
    The DEPTH control adjusts the amount of modulation from the LFO.
  • SYNC
    Engages and disengages synchronization of the LFO rate with the host’s tempo.
    This drop-down menu allows you to select the phaser model. In addition to the custom-designed Chorus/Phase Shifter, we have:
  1. Oberheim Phasor
    Before creating classics like the OB-8™, Tom Oberheim came up with the Phasor. Can a sound be lush and subtle and never-boring, all at the same time? Turn this unit on and see for yourself.
  2. MXR Phase 90
    This box has been described as Van Halen tone in a box. Classic 1970s phaser, for guitar and everything else!
  • MONO
    Engaging this switch makes the effected signal mono.

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