Omnisphere ships with a large library of sounds, so it requires sophisticated search, filtering and browsing capabilities. The Browsers in Omnisphere were designed to provide an intuitive and convenient way to quickly find exactly what you need from a library containing many thousands of sounds.

Using categories, searchable attributes called Tags, as well as Projects and Sharing, the Browsers add a powerful and important feature to the workflow in Omnisphere. The more you understand about how the Browser works, the better you will be able to utilize and enjoy the Omnisphere sound library.

Multis, Patches, and Soundsources have their own Browsers with the same layout and identical functions, but they interact with different parts of the library. For example, when the Multi Browser is open, only Multis will be accessible in the Browser.

There are two types of Browsers in Omnisphere: the Full Browser and the Mini-Browser. The Full Browser uses the entire Omnisphere user interface, which allows for more refined searches and results. The Mini-Browser uses only the left-most area of the interface, making the controls still accessible—convenient for editing sounds while browsing.

There are two ways to quickly distinguish which Browser is open:

1. The titles in each Browser’s Header.

2. The images in the Info Areas.

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