VELO Mode lets you control Part-switching and cross-fading with your playing Velocity. The Parts are triggered based on their placement along the horizontal axis and the velocity of the incoming MIDI messages.

Part Regions can still be configured in the same manner (with fades, cross-fades, splits, etc.), but each is mapped to a specific Velocity range.

The mini-keyboard is replaced in the footer by white numbers representing 127 Velocity values (1~127). The incoming MIDI Note messages (and their velocity values) are displayed as vertical yellow bars. As you play notes on your controller, their velocity values will be displayed.

  • In the example above, velocities below 32 will trigger both “Crackle Bass” and “Analog Bass Drive” as a layered sound.
  • From 32 to 38, “Analog Bass Drive” will start to fade and as you play harder, “Crackle Bass” and “Mystic Bowls” will crossfade with each other from 37 to 49.
  • At Velocity 60, “Gorgeous Analog Pad Rich” will start to fade in and as you play harder (between 65 and 86), “Mystic Bowls” will fade away.
  • From 86 to 109, you’ll trigger only “Gorgeous Analog Pad Rich.”
  • Velocities above 109 will trigger only “Cave Stalactites.”

NOTE: When using VELO MODE, all Parts in the Grid will be triggered simultaneously, even if their Regions are outside the mapped range and are not outputting audio. Therefore, this feature can put a high demand on the CPU on your system.

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