Get ready for the ultimate LO-FI experience! After the wild success of the “Retroland” category in Omnisphere with producers, we decided it was time to develop an entire Sonic Extension dedicated to these iconic sounds. With the ultra-vibey new Unclean FX and a gigantic variety of over 2,000 sounds, Unclean Machine is the perfect sauce for getting those nostalgic feels cooking!

• A tour de force by Retroland master Tolga Gurpinar
• Exclusive new “Unclean Channel” lo-fi channel strip effect!
• Exclusive new “Unclean Verb” retro reverb/ambience effect!
• Over 2,000 sounds with tons of character and attitude
• Immense variety with 17 different sound categories
• Playable classics and phrases that feel lifted from vintage vinyl
• Unique Custom Controls for every patch for experimentation
• Highly creative and fresh, rhythmic arpeggiator patches
• Features over 200 new multisampled soundsources
• Lo-Fi Keys, Bells, Pads, Guitars, Strings, Basses, and much more…
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Unclean Machine includes two exclusive and powerful FX units:

Unclean Channel
The included new Unclean Channel effect instantly gives you that good old nostalgic vibe on anything you run through it. Dial in wobbly pitch artifacts, tape saturation, and radio filtering effects. Add the sound of Cassettes, VHS tapes, Records, Boomboxes, Dictaphones, and all kinds of weird devices. If you love the magic of dead formats, Unclean Channel is an absolute must-have!

• The sonic time machine – instant retroizer!
• Add noises, grit, buzz, hiss, crackle, corruption and old school aging FX
• Huge library of over 80 noise types – Reel to Reels, Cassettes, Vinyl, and more…
• Noise can be routed pre or post filters, with slow/med/fast envelope speeds
• Nine different Flutter algorithms – Tape, Chip, Beat, Bad Input, and more…
• Color section with Saturation, Lo/Hi Cut filters
• Dial in the perfect amount and rate of Drift
• Hype section with compressor/enhancer
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

Unclean Verb
Chock full of lo-fi goodness, this is definitely the funkiest sounding reverb you’ve ever heard! Unclean Verb is all about character and quirky, wobbly spaces. In addition to the collection of 25 eclectic ambiences, you can actually control the defects like Flutter and Crunch, which make it easy to add just the perfect amount of imperfection! When conventional reverbs won’t cut it, reach for Unclean Verb!

• Totally unique, wonderfully weird reverb!
• 25 wild types – Fake Spring, Osmium Plate, Unclean Hall, Spray Room, and more…
• Innovative Flutter control for warbly pitch tails – from subtle to extreme
• Special Modes with pitch-shifting effects on the reverb tails
• Add vintage grit with the explosive Crunch control
• Lo Cut / Hi Cut Filters for strong tone-shaping
• Modulation control for detuned ambiences
• Works in any Omnisphere patch!

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