The START control determines at what point in the sample that it begins when the Oscillator is triggered. This setting will vary depending on the number of samples in the Soundsource.

This feature has several applications. First, it can remove sharp attacks or clicks at the start of a sample.

Soundsources can have a single sample (such as a Texture) mapped across the entire keyboard. Other types of Soundsources often have many samples mapped to different ranges on the keyboard. These ranges are called “Zones.”

The number of Zones determines the maximum range of the START slider. If the Soundsource has more than 12 Zones mapped (including Round Robins), the range of the START slider is 1 second. If it has less than 12 Zones, then the START slider’s range can be up to 90 seconds. Modulating the START time in the .5–.6 range can be especially useful (for adding a random feel) when working with long, evolving Texture Soundsources and using the Arpeggiator

NOTE: At certain START offsets you may hear attack clicks. These can be eliminated using the Start Fade parameter in Oscillator Zoom section.

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