The Filter Key Tracking knob is a dedicated modulation control. It determines to what extent the cutoff frequency will track the keyboard. The higher the KEY value is set, the more the filter will open over the upper range of the keyboard and close in the lower ranges of the keyboard.

For example, if a low pass filter is loaded and the Cutoff is set below 0.262 kHz, the notes played below Middle C will become increasingly darker in tone, and keys above Middle C will be increasingly brighter. At the minimum setting, higher and lower notes have no effect on the Cutoff frequency.

Range 0.000 to 1.000


Key Tracking can be inverted simply by selecting the word “KEY” below the control. The button’s label text will become inverted and the sonic result will be the opposite of standard Filter Key Tracking.

The Resonator +/- filters are tuned to respond to key tracking.

1) Set the Filter Cutoff to the default (50%) value.
2) Turn the Key Tracking knob all the way up.
3) Invert the key tracking with the switch.

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