The CUTOFF control in the Filter Zoom is identical to the CUTOFF control on the Layer pages. The primary function of the filter is to remove, hence “cut off” frequencies from the sound. Omnisphere’s filters can remove frequencies in a variety of ways, from Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Notch, to more specialized filter types. Depending what Filter preset is chosen, the CUTOFF control will remove different frequencies in various ways.

For example, if a Lowpass filter is used, turning the control counter-clockwise will remove the higher frequencies. If a Highpass Filter is used, the opposite will happen. It’s best to experiment with the CUTOFF control with the wide variety of Filter Types.

The Filter’s rolloff slope is measured in dB, and is sometimes expressed in “poles.” The higher the dB value, the greater the extent of the filtering, but this should not be confused with sounding “better.” Filters with fewer poles can often sound more appropriate than those with more poles.

6 dB = 1 Pole
12 dB = 2 Pole
18 dB = 3 Pole
24 dB = 4 Pole

Range 00.05Hz to 19.00kHz

Omnisphere has many specialized filters, some of which are based on tuned delay lines (e.g. Metal Pipe +/- and Resonator +/-). In those cases, CUTOFF is used to tune the filter’s pitch.

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