The small LFO Phase slider determines the point at which the LFO waveform will begin its cycle. If the slider is set to minimum, the LFO will begin its cycle at the start of the waveform. As the PHASE is increased, the point in the waveform that the LFO will begin its cycle will be changed.

For example, if the PHASE control is in the center of the slider, the LFO will trigger from the middle of the waveform. In the screenshot above, the LFO’s waveform is a sine wave, and if the PHASE control is in the center, the waveform will start at the point where the slope goes below the center-point.

NOTE: If all eight LFOs have been routed as modulation sources, and “Modulate with LFO” is selected on any additional parameters, they will all default to LFO1. These routings to LFO1 can be overridden in the MOD MATRIX ZOOM page.

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