The contour of the current Envelope can be modified from this display. The point to the extreme left is always the Attack time and on the last two points on the right are the Sustain level and the Release time stages. Time is represented horizontally and Level is on the vertical axis.

To add an additional stage to the Envelope, bring up the Envelope Curves menu by Right-Clicking (or Control-Clicking) directly on the point (dot) where you want it and select “Add” from the pop-up menu. An additional point will be added and all points to the right will be shifted to make room for the new stage. When selecting between two points, a new point is inserted in the middle of the stage and the points to the right are not shifted.

You can also double-click on the line at the place where you want to add a stage and it will appear without shifting the points to the right.

NOTE: If your cursor is between points and you right-click or double-click to add a point, the stage you add will be the same type you are near—e.g. Curve, Linear, etc.

  • Selecting and dragging any point in the display will change the position of the point.
  • Selecting anywhere there is no line or point will move the background grid forward and back.
  • Scrolling anywhere in the Display zooms in or out horizontally.

When any point has been selected a small numerical window will appear above the display that indicates the level settings for that point.
Range: 0.000 ~ 1.000

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