Sharing Projects lets you assign sounds to a specific Project and share them with other users. This method uses the Project features located in the Full Browsers. You can share any combination of Patches, Multis, and User Soundsources with a few simple steps. All the necessary components will be collected for you into a single .omnisphere file which others can open in Omnisphere on their computer.

First, create a Project for the sounds you want to share. Then add the Multis, Patches, and Soundsources.

You will get this message reminding you to respect all applicable copyrights.

Then you will prompted to name the archive and select a location to store it.

When you select “Save,” Omnisphere will analyze your Project and give you a report of the data you are about to share. If you find discrepancies, select “Cancel” and make sure your Project contains everything you want to share.

After selecting “Continue,” you’ll get a confirmation that your sounds are ready to share.

You can send the .omnisphere file to other Omnisphere users and they can use Install .omnisphere to import the shared archive or simply drop the file anywhere on the Omnisphere interface.

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