Omnisphere has a very special modulation feature that goes beyond the standard method of modulating a single target with a single source, called Morphing Modulation. This system uses dual Sources to modulate a single Target and adds a morphing component to crossfade interactively between the outputs of the two Modulation Sources. This can create very dynamic Modulation Routings and effects.

There are four components to Morphing Modulation, which means setting up a Morphing Modulation routing will use four slots in the Modulation Matrix.

First a Target must be designated—this is the parameter that will be modified by the morphing modulation. Two different Modulation Sources need to be defined. The degree that the two Modulation Sources will be blended together is determined by the Morphing Input A/B Xfade source. This Modulation Source will control how the two morphing inputs are combined before they are sent to the Target.

Morphing Source

This defines that Target of Morphing Modulation. It can be any of Omnisphere’s Modulation Targets. Once “Morphing Source” is selected and a Target Parameter is designated, then the two Morphing Modulation inputs must be defined.

Morphing Input A

This is one of the two sources that will become a Morphing Input. The sum of both Morphing Input A and B will be sent to the target defined in Morphing Source routing, so it’s necessary to define Morphing Input A as the Target.

Morphing Input B

This is the other Morphing Source that will modulate the Target. After the Source is chosen, then Morphing Input B needs to be selected as the Target.

It’s important to make the Source in Morphing Input B different from Morphing Input A—if they are the same source then the morphing will have no effect.

Morphing Input A/B Xfade

This routing is what defines what will control the morphing between the two A/B inputs—so the Source here should be one that is suited to this kind of cross-fading.

Suggested Morphing Inputs for A/B Xfade:

  • Wheel
  • Velocity
  • LFOs
  • Envelopes

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