These mode switches offer several methods for precise editing of the Envelopes.


When SNAP is selected, any horizontal repositioning of a point is limited to 16th notes. The Envelope Display has vertical reference lines, which are helpful when using SNAP to line up the points at the 16th note divisions.

If the Envelope is short (under a few seconds), the SNAP points are correspondingly small. When an Envelope is long, the SNAP points appear to be greater in scale.

Quantizing the Pitch to Semitones

  • First Right-click on the COARSE (Pitch) knob on the Layer Page and select a Mod Envelope as the SOURCE, making sure the SOURCE slider is centered (If not, Right-click and select “Reset to Default Value”).
  • Next, make sure the DEPTH slider in the Mod Envelope Zoom is all the way up—fully to the right.
  • Click on SNAP to activate it.
  • Hold down SHIFT while moving the points and the display will show the Pitch is restrained to semitones—it will only move in 100 cent increments.

The result will depend on the types of lines and/or curves, as well as the SPEED. Use vertical/horizontal steps for sharp switching between Pitches.

NOTE: If the Pitch Coarse Target slider is offset from Zero, the SNAP points will be offset by that amount.

NOTE: SCALE will have no effect on the Pitches controlled by the Mod Envelope, but you can effectively create your own scales outside Equal Temperament by experimenting with the MOD Source slider. Additionally, if the MOD Envelope Zoom DEPTH slider is less than FULL, the Pitch quantization will be less than a semitone (100 cents).


When LOCK is enabled, all the points to the right of the point selected can be moved as one single group of stages. The only restriction is the current range of the Envelope Display.


This control will constrain the movements vertically or horizontally.


Movement of points will be at a higher resolution than normal when FINE is enabled. The numbers in the value window will be correspondingly small as long as FINE is in use.


The duration of the Envelope will be scaled by dragging any of the points within it (except the first one). Dragging to the right will increase the duration and dragging to the left decrease it. Scaling the Envelope beyond the limit of Envelope Display will appear to “squish” many of the points together, but selecting AUTO ZOOM will expand the view to fit them all.

NOTE: When zoomed in, clicking and dragging in an empty region of the envelope display will drag the display left or right.

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