Select the Settings Button to open the Browser Settings Zoom View. Settings are saved across sessions, and are restored the next time you load Omnisphere.

Audition Auto Play

When enabled, every time a Multi, Patch, or Soundsource is selected in the Browser, the Audition Note will sound.

This is useful for browsing sounds using the Browser Steppers as it allows rapid auditioning of multiple sounds.

NOTE: Audition Auto Play will reset each time Omnisphere is loaded.

Audition Auto-Play Note

Determines the pitch of the single note that will be played with Audition Auto-Play enabled.

Range C-1 ~ B8

NOTE: This setting also affects the pitch of the Audition Buttons in the Browser and on the Part pages.

Audition Auto-Play Note Length

When Audition Auto-Play is enabled and a sound is selected, it will play for a limited amount of time. This setting determines how long the auditioned sound will play.

Range 1 ~ 9 seconds

Progressive Loading

Omnisphere’s Progressive Loading allows sounds (even those with thousands of samples!) to be played and auditioned while they are still being loaded.

Browser Synchronization

When enabled, the Browser Filters will retain their current Attribute selections when another Part or Layer is selected. This is useful when browsing a large number of Soundsources—the Attribute selections for all Layers will remain the same as you move between Layers and across different Parts.

For example, if you need to create a Multi and only want to check Soundsources in the “Textures” Category, set the first Part to view only the Textures category, All the subsequent Parts will open with the Textures category selected.

Category Sensitive Attributes

If Category Sensitive Attributes is enabled (the default state), then the different Attributes columns may change when a new Category is selected. This ensures that the context of the Attributes matches the Category. If this setting is disabled, the Attributes columns will remain static as you change Categories.

Mini-Browser Up/Down Arrow Keys

You can use the Up/Down arrow keys on a QWERTY keyboard to navigate through Patches in Omnisphere’s Mini-Browser.

Scenes Left/Right Arrow Keys

You can use the Left/Right arrow keys on a QWERTY keyboard to navigate through Scenes in Sonic Extension Patches.

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