The Common Controls are located in Omni TR’s header and accessible from every page. These are used for navigation in Omni TR and for global control of Omnisphere.

Page Selectors

Each of Omni TR’s four pages can be accessed by selecting from the icons on the top-left.

Multi Browsing

You can browse and select Multis by touching the folder icon to the left of the “Browse Multis” display. For more information on browsing, visit the B*rowsing Patches and Multis* section.

Master Volume

The Master Volume slider controls the output of the entire plug-in and can be found at the top-right of each page.

Stop All

The STOP ALL button, located directly below the Master Volume slider, sends an “All Notes Off” message to all 8 Parts at once.

NOTE: This function allows the sounds to decay naturally. After pressing the STOP ALL button, all of the FX tails and release stages from your envelopes will continue to decay, so the cutoff will not sound unnaturally abrupt.

Operation Modes

You can select one of three Operation Modes from each page in the drop-down menu directly below the page icons. Once you select an Operation Mode, it remains selected on all of the pages until you select a different mode.

    Omnisphere is 8-Part Multi-timbral. This means it has the ability to operate on more than one MIDI channel (up to a total of 8) at a time. MULTITIMBRAL mode is useful when sequencing with multiple MIDI tracks in the host.
    Live Mode allows you to instantly and remotely choose a Patch or combination of Patches simply by touching one or more of the Patch names on the display.
    LIVE MODE was designed for use in a live performance environment, but is also an inspirational way to interact with the sounds of Omnisphere in composition and production situations. LIVE MODE is especially useful for recording a multi-Part performance using a single MIDI track in your host sequencer.
    Using Latch and Trigger Modes together with LIVE MODE allows powerful control over multi-Part performances that can be switched, layered, and quantized in real time.
    Stack Mode is a powerful feature designed for creating splits, layers, and crossfades with up to 8 Parts laid out across the keyboard at once. STACK MODE offers a flexible environment for either live performance or composing. It can be especially useful for recording a multi-Part performance using a single MIDI track in your host sequencer.
    Using Latch and Trigger capabilities together with STACK MODE allows you to create complex multi-Part performances that can be layered and quantized in real time.
    If you want to create splits and crossfades with different sounds laid out across the keyboard, first visit Omnisphere’s Stack Mode page to set them up.

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