Omni TR brings Omnisphere’s interactive features closer to the music creation process by letting you create setups and modify sounds very quickly. Your fingers can activate patches, tweak filters, re-mix, bend, and spin amazing performance possibilities from the innovative ORB circular controller. With its high-contrast interface, Omni TR is perfect onstage for live performance and in the studio when the controller keyboard is located apart from the studio computer. Best of all, the Omni TR app is extremely easy-to-use, offering full two-way communication with Omnisphere with a simple wireless connection to the computer running the plug-in.

Each of Omni TR’s four pages can be accessed by selecting from the icons on the top-left. These icons appear on all pages.

The Main page is designed to give a quick overview of all 8 Parts in Omnisphere. From this page, you can browse and select Patches and Multis, latch and set the trigger modes for individual Parts, as well as mixing and editing with the multi-function faders.

The Orb is a unique circular controller that intelligently modifies Omnisphere’s sounds in real time. Pressing the Dice button will give new variations and starting points. It is possible to record your modifications and realtime movements as part of the patch.

The Controls page offers fast access to some of the most useful performance parameters in Omnisphere and a has a fun and useful Pitch Ribbon.

The Jumbo page provides a large view of the Patch selections (ideal for use on stage), along with easy access to multi-touch Patch selection.

There are controls that are common to all four pages. For more information, visit the Common Controls section.

Now that you’re free to move away from your computer, inspiration and creativity can happen anywhere!

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