System Requirements

The Omni TR iPad app requires iOS 4 (or higher) and is compatible up through iOS13 and iPadOS. OmniTR works with Omnisphere 1.5 (or higher) on both macOS and Windows systems (Windows users will need to install Bonjour Printer Services from Apple).

Setting up Omni TR

  • Check that your iPad and computer are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Make sure that Omnisphere is running on your computer and that the “Accept Omni TR Connections” option in Omnisphere’s System page is enabled.

  • Launch the Omni TR app on the iPad and press “Connect.”
  • Select your computer from the list which appears and Omni TR will establish the connection and you’ll have wireless, touchscreen control of Omnisphere.

NOTE: If there are multiple instances of Omnisphere open in the host, Mac users can select from the list of instances upon launching the app; Windows users only have access to the first one listed.

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