The ORB can be used as a modulation source. Using the DICE creates interesting and surprising results instantly, however using the ORB as a modulation source gives the user flexibility and full control over the parameters it modulates.

The ORB is seamlessly integrated to Omnisphere’s Flex-Mod system. In Omnisphere, by right-clicking on the parameter to be modulated, the available modulation sources will appear under the “Modulate: All Mod Sources” sub-menu. By selecting “ORB,” the ORB’s movement will be automatically routed to the target parameter.

Please check the Modulation section for more information.

ORB as a Modulation Source vs. the DICE button

The ORB can generate sound modifications automatically by using the DICE button, or manually by user-defined modulation routings. Each method has its pros and cons and they cannot be used simultaneously. When using the ORB as a modulation source, keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Creating a modulation routing where the ORB is the source overrides any sound modification that was automatically generated.
  2. If you press the DICE button after using the ORB as a modulation source, the routings will be overridden. However, they will not be lost. In order to enable them again, simply re-select the ORB as a modulation source for any of them.

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