The pitch of a Patch can be expressively bent and manipulated from the Pitch Ribbon Controller, which is located along the bottom of the page. This works in a similar fashion to the ribbon controller on a Yamaha CS-80. It can be set to Absolute Mode, where the null point (original pitch) is in the middle, or Relative Mode, where the null point is wherever you place your finger.

When you select Absolute Mode, you can cause the Pitch to jump up or down, depending on where you place your finger along the ribbon, in relation to the null point in the center. When you are playing a Patch and touch the Pitch Ribbon, the pitch will change as soon as you touch the ribbon. As soon as you lift your finger, the pitch will return to center. This can be useful for creating trilling effects or to bend from above or below the pitch.

When you select Relative Mode, you can begin bending the pitch from wherever you place your finger. You can constrain the Pitch Bend range to either +/- 1 Octave, 2 Octaves, or 4 Octaves.

The Octave Shift Menu is located in the upper-right. The Patch keyboard range can be set from this menu by raising or lowering the overall pitch in one-octave increments. There is a total range of five octaves.

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