GETTING STARTED - Using Omnisphere Stand-Alone on a Computer



Omnisphere was designed to work as a plug-in which closely integrates within your main sequencing application and computer. We recommend using it this way for best results.

Alternatively, Omnisphere may also be used with a simple host application to work as a sound module for live performance.  Omnisphere has specials modes which are designed to make it an ideal instrument for use in live situations.

Thirdly, you can also use Omnisphere on dedicated hardware music computers like the MUSE Receptor and NEKO Keyboards, which essentially are PCs dedicated for music performance.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind with using Omnisphere on a standalone system:

1. Omnisphere must reside in a host application on the other computer

2. Omnisphere is a plug-in and does not function as a stand-alone application. It must function as a Virtual Instrument plug-in within a host regardless of what computer it's on. There are many free and inexpensive VST and Audio Unit host applications that will run Omnisphere.

You can get a comprehensive list of hosts on


Latency and Timing accuracy

As a result of being on a stand-alone computer, the latency between MIDI and Audio interfaces will cause Omnisphere to play later than it would on the main sequencing computer, so you will need to compensate for the latency. Also, when Omnisphere is used on the main computer, the timing of playback is extremely tight - sample-accurate in most cases. On a slave system, this type of accuracy is not currently possible.