SYSTEM - Sample File Server



On the Mac version of Omnisphere, the Streaming Switch is replaced by the Mode menu, and provides an additional Server mode for loading sample data.


NOTE: The Server mode only works on Mac, so you wont see the Mode menu on Windows. On Windows, use a 64-bit host instead.


Server mode is a way of solving the "out of memory" problem that can happen when using large sample sets with 32-bit hosts and is an alternative to using 64-bit hosts. The Server mode should be used when you are running a 32-bit host on Mac, and you are loading large samples. If you are running a Mac 64-bit host (such as Logic 9.1 or higher), it is not necessary to enable Server mode.


NOTE: The Sample File Server uses physical RAM to load samples, and a minimum of 6GB of RAM is recommended when using Server Mode, especially when loading larger Keyswitch Multis.


The Streaming Mode Menu contains three items: Streamed, Not Streamed, and Server. Streamed and Not Streamed enable and disable Streaming. Select the Server option to enable the Sample File Server.

When Server is enabled, a new system process is created (in addition to the host process) called SpectrasonicsServer. It will appear in the Mac Activity Monitor. Omnisphere starts and stops that process automatically, so you should never have to worry about it.


NOTE: Server mode uses streaming internally, so the remaining stream-related controls in the Streaming section are still applied and useful when in Server mode.