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Omnisphere has been designed to accommodate a wide range of operations, from basic interaction with Factory Patches to comprehensive and complex sound design. The Omnisphere interface provides an intuitive workflow which offers all the depth and flexibility you…

MIDI Learn Concepts

Concepts » MIDI Learn and Automation » MIDI Learn Concepts

MIDI Learn is an immensely powerful feature that allows you to remote control virtually any on-screen parameter (including FX menu selections) with a MIDI controller. It is a very flexible system that can adapt to the MIDI device you use and allows changes made to…


Getting Started » QuickStart

This QuickStart provides an overview of the essential things you’ill need to know in order to get started using Omnisphere. Omnisphere is a powerful software instrument and can be run as a standalone application or hosted in any software DAW. Omnisphere…

Aux Sends

The Mixer » Aux Sends

Each of the four Aux Sends has its own FX Rack (accessed by selecting the FX Button at the top of the MIXER). The AUX1–AUX4 knobs let you control the amount of FX applied to the Part. NOTE: The Aux Sends FX are shared by all 8 Parts in the MULTI. Please see the…

Architecture and Hierarchy

Concepts » Architecture and Hierarchy

Omnisphere is a uniquely powerful synthesizer that takes well-known elements of synthesis a step further to provide inspiration for any level of musician, producer, composer, or sound designer. Omnisphere can quickly provide production-ready sounds with its factory…